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Genetics drive dairy production profitability

The use of top genetics and agrotechnology enables Kluitjieskraal Jersey Stud in the Western Cape to weather the impact of volatile prices and rising input costs. Stud manager Arno Schoonwinkel outlined his methods to Glenneis Kriel.


One of the enviable things about South Africans is that just about every one of us speaks at least two languages, while many speak and understand three, four or even more.

Bats: the answer to macadamia pests?


Thriving in a family business when you’re not part of the family

A family business can offer good employment opportunities in a pleasant working environment, but it can come with unique challenges. Understand them and you’ll never regret being a family outsider, says Peter Hughes.

High demand for Boer goat meat brings opportunity

André and Brenda Swanepoel started farming Boer goats as a part-time activity on their smallholding in Mpumalanga. In no time at all, they found themselves running a thriving commercial operation, thanks to an almost insatiable local demand for goat meat. Lindi Botha reports on the enterprise and its future.

Succession planning: the time to talk is now

In this first article in a new series on how to run a family farm successfully, Trevor Dickinson, CEO of specialist consultancy Family Legacies, writes that the key to a profitable, long-lasting business is to start a family conversation about succession planning. And this needs to happen sooner rather than later.

The South Devon stud that keeps on breaking records

The Miller family from Cathcart in the Eastern Cape pride themselves on their adapted and efficient Winston South Devon cows that consistently produce record-breaking bulls. James Miller explained their selection and management protocols to Mike Burgess.


In 2020, Sergeant Thabo Moletsane won the Western Cape Stock Theft Committee’s award for Best Member of a Stock Theft Unit for the fourth year in a row. Glenneis Kriel found out more about this remarkable man.

Solve those crop problems yourself, and save thousands!

Find something wrong with your crop? Go through the planting and fertilising processes step by step on your own to see whether you can determine the cause. There’s a good chance you can, says Bill Kerr.

How satellite data can boost agriculture

The use of Earth observation has brought about dramatic improvements in agricultural practices and access to water. A new report published by the World Economic Forum details how Earth observations are fundamental to harnessing the innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to support agricultural productivity growth across Africa.

Beware of these avocado diseases

Phytophthora root rot, stem canker, anthracnose and Cercospora spot are the diseases most likely to attack avocado trees in South Africa.

Vegan demand presents new opportunities for marginal sugar farmers

North American yellow field peas could be a lifeline for struggling sugar cane farmers. As an ingredient in tasty meat-replacement products, the future of this relatively unknown crop looks bright. Mark Hassenkamp, chief agriculture operations director at global plant-based food company LiveKindly, spoke to Lindi Botha about the advantages of yellow field peas over sugar cane, and why the crop is also superior to soya beans.

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